4 December 2013

my latest work

I'm trying out some ideas on how to present my latest project, where I've reprinted/scanned the same image, on two different devices and observed how the image deteriorate. I am yet to name it..!

2 December 2013

today I finished my two books, that are now ready to go in my portfolio - the first is a booklet to represent my body of work 51.908496,-2.08313. The second if the first version of my book Tvillingsjäl. In the future I will have it published, and I am sure it will change a little until then. So if anyone knows of a good art book publisher message me!

19 November 2013

book project "tvillingsjäl"

I've been photographing my sister on skype for over a year now, and I'm now working on turning some of the material into a book. Here's some shots of my early book-dummy.

I've learnt that sequencing is hard, and it needs a lot of time put into it..!

back cover >


As part of my dissertation I am interviewing people that use Skype with their friends or family.

Contact me if you want to take part :)

17 November 2013

london #2

Woman Ascending a Staircase...

at Victor Burgin's A Sense of Place
thought it a great space, and even better for students - it is free entry!

21 October 2013

I just love glitch

yet again I've managed to capture some glitches - I find the result surprisingly satisfying. there's something about the way it encourages flaws - how imperfect is valued rather than the perfect.
here's a great book about it I got recently > glitch: designing imperfections

13 August 2013

_____way out west___


(kvinnan till höger > känner ni igen er?)

james blake